Do It Yourself Air Conditioner Care

Here are some tips on your DIY air conditioner care at home :

Cleaning of Fan Coil Unit’s (Indoor Unit’s) Front Panel :
  • Before cleaning, be sure to stop the operation and turn the power switch / isolator  “OFF”.
  • Don’t touch the metal parts of the indoor unit. If you touch those parts, this may cause an injury.
  • When removing or attaching the front panel, use a robust and stable stool and watch your steps carefully. Support the panel securely.
  • Only neutral detergent may be used. Do not use hot water above 40°C, benzene, gasoline, thinner, volatile oils, polishing compound, scrubbing brushes, nor other hand stuff.
  • In case of washing the panel with water, dry it with cloth, dry in up in the shade after washing.
  • After Cleaning, make sure that the front panel is securely fixed.



 Cleaning of Air Filter
  • Clean the air filter with vacuum cleaner and then rinsing it under running water.
  • If the dust does not come off easily, wash them with neutral detergent thinned with lukewarm water, then dry them up in the shade.
  • Do not expose the air filter to direct sunlight or heat from a fire when drying.
  • It is recommended to clean the air filters every two weeks.

Care of Remote Controller
  • Do not drop the remote controller.
  • Do not get it wet.
  • Never expose the remote controller to direct sunlight.
  • Dust on the signal transmitter or receiver will reduce the sensitivity. Wipe off dust with soft cloth.
  • Replace the batteries of remote controller with two new ones of the same type. Using an old battery with a new one may result in heat generation, leakage or even an explosion.

Stop & Start-up when going for Vacation or Unit is not to be used for long time
  • When Stopping the system for a long period :
    • Turn on fan operation for a half day and dry the unit.
    • Turn of the power switch / isolator when the unit is not to be used for long periods of time. Otherwise, the unit may get hot or catch on fire due to dust accumulation. GreenBoy Plus : when the power switch is turned on, some watts of electricity is being used even if the system if not operating. Turn off the power switch for saving energy.
    • Remove the batteries from the remote controller.
  • Start up after a long stop :
    • Check and confirm that the air inlet and outlet are not blocked. Remove any obstacle.
    • Check and confirm if the earth is connected? Might there be a broken wire somewhere?
    • Clean the filter and outside panel.
    • Turn on the power switch. To protect the unit, turn on the power switch at least 6 hours before operation.
    • Use new batteries for the remote controller.

Web-NoteNOTE : Call for service if there are any problems or abnormality occurs.

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