Whenever air conditioner system depletes the gas, it requires top up of the gas.
There are many types of gas, 2 of which are commonly used for residential split air conditioner system:

  • R22 are normally used for the non-inverter system.
  • R410A are normally used for the inverter, VRV & VRF system.
Web-Note Note : R22 and R410A cannot be mixed and they are used specially for each of the system. Proper operation is not possible if the types of refrigerant are not the designated type.

R22 Refrigerant
R22 is a single hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) compound. It has low chlorine content and ozone depletion potential.
R22 will no longer be manufactured from year 2010. Only recycled or remaining stock of R22 can be used.

R410A Refrigerant
 R410A was developed as a replacement to R22, which will be phased out soon in response to international environmental concerns. GreenBoy Plus : R410 is an environmentally friendlier refrigerant which is chlorine-free, non-inflammable, Non-CFC, environmentally friendly and energy efficient refrigerant.

lightbulb  Comparison :

 Note : What more, our charges for top up or refill of both R22 & R410A are at the same price. Where the cost of R410A are much higher than R22.

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