Tips for Planning of Installation Schedule

lightbulbPrior your installation appointment, here are few things to note in order to prevent delay in installation schedule:

  • Confirm your Air Conditioner’s position and Piping route
    – To confirm the air conditioner’s position and piping route.
    – Provide us with your renovation layout plan if any. If not available, please let us know your renovation works involved i.e. any false ceiling, built-in cabinet, furniture lay-out etc.
  • Obtain Permit to Commence Works if applicable
    – Please check with relevant authority or management on the permit application and necessary documents required.
    – Check on the working hours allowed.
    – Issue renovation deposit if any. Please note that we do not practice issue of renovation deposit on behalf of client.
  • Site preparation for occupied premises
    – If the premises are occupied during installation, please remove all the obstacles at the area where piping are running thru i.e. cabinet, furniture, box-up etc.
    – Please cover up the furniture / fitting and keep the valuable goods if any. Hacking / drilling during installation and some dust are to be expected and unavoidable.
  • Renovation Works coordination
    – Do not arrange other trade contractors, i.e. floor screed, tiling, wall plastering, waterproofing, plumbing etc to carry out during air conditioner installation in progress. As this will causes obstruction to the piping installation and affect the installation progress.
  • Power Supply
    – Power supply to be available.
    – Power point / Isolator required for air conditioner to be prior installed in order for technician to turn on and test run the system upon completion. Test run is to be conducted to ensure the system is in order.
  • During Test Run
    – Please ensure no works that generate dust are carry out in the room i.e. hacking, drilling and sweeping of dust etc. The dust particles that circulate in the air will trap in the indoor unit.
    – If interior finish work is continuing on completion of the test operation of the air-conditioner, not to operate the air conditioner until the interior finish work is completed for the protection of air conditioner. Otherwise, the substances that will be generated from interior finish work materials, such as paint and adhesive agents, may contaminate the air conditioner.


Last but not the least; do feel free to contact our friendly staffs for any clarification on your installation planning & schedule upon confirmed your installation order.