Selecting the Installation Location

Renovating your home can be very exciting. It’s all about new possibilities and the promise of coming home to a comfortable and great-looking space.
Here are some tips when selecting the air conditioner installation location :
  • Check that no other electric appliances or furniture placed under the air conditioner. Water may drip down from the Unit, which may cause damage or malfunction.

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  •   Install the indoor and outdoor units, power cord and connecting wires at a distance 1m or more away from your TV or radio. Operation of the air conditioner may interfere with the radio or TV reception and caused picture interference and noise.
  • In a place as far away as possible from fluorescent and incandescent lights. So the infrared remote control can operate the air conditioner normally.
  • Where the air conditioner can be serviced easily. Where sufficient clearance for maintenance and service can be ensure.



  •  Do not install the air conditioner in the following locations :
    • Where there is a high concentration of mineral oil spray or vapour (e.g. a kitchen). Plastic parts will deteriorate, parts may fall off and water leakage could result.
    • Where corrosive gas, such as sulphurous acid gas, is produced. Corroding of copper pipes or soldered parts may result in refrigerant leakage.
    • Near machinery emitting electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation may disturb the operation of the control system and result in a malfunction of the unit.
    • Where flammable gas may leak, where there is carbon fibre or ignitable dust suspensions in the air, or where volatile flammables such as paint thinner or gasoline are handled. Operating the unit in such conditions may result in fire.

In certain scenario, you may want to hide the air conditioner (where it is not advisable to do so), there are 2 important considerations that you need to keep in mind.

  •  Don’t Block Ventilation:
    Air conditioning units need to be well-ventilated. If you limit air flow, you will cause your unit to work far less efficiently and, in some cases, if the air conditioner doesn’t have access to enough air circulation, it can overheat and break down. So whatever design you choose for hiding your AC unit, make sure there’s plenty of space for exterior air flow.hide-aircon-1
  • Keep It Accessible:
    Sometimes, things can go wrong with your air conditioner. As a result, you don’t want to build anything around your unit that will prevent technician from accessing it for servicing, repair and replacement. Make sure that whatever solution you settle on can be easily opened or moved, and have enough space for the technician to dismantle down the whole air conditioner unit when breakdown. This can either be an easily removable panel.


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