Installation Materials

1. Closed Cell Insulation Tubes :

  • Insulation tubes are used to insulate the copper pipe when running with refrigerant; as the pipes are cooler than the ambient temperature. Without the insulation, the copper pipes will sweat or accumulate condensation of its own.
  • Insulation tubes with inferior quality will result in a higher condensation rate and cause water leakages along the piping. These problems will only surface later and you will end-up spending more in the long run.
  • COOLFORCE Quality:
    Brand : Thermaflex – 1/2″ thickness.
    Specification: Excellent insulation value: 0.038 w/mk at 40°C, ų>8,000.
    Fire Classification : BS 476 Part 6 Class O.
     Plus ! 100% Environmental Friendly : CFC free. Low smoke Density (ASTM E 662-97). 100% recycle.

2. Copper Pipes :

  • The quality of copper pipes utilized for installation affect its lifespan. Inferior copper pipes will not only be unable to withstand high gas pressure but also results in gas leak, leading to premature failure of your air conditioner.
  • COOLFORCE Quality:
    Brand : DNE and/or Luvata¹ or equivalent Premium Quality Seamless Air-conditioning & Refrigeration industry (AC&R) Copper Tube.
    Thickness : 22 SWG / 0.71mm
    Specification: JIS H3300.
Note : The Agent does not guarantee on used of aluminium piping for the air-conditioning system. It is highly recommended to use copper piping.

3. Drainage Pipes :

  • Drainage pipes that are not properly insulated will cause condensation along the drainage pipe. Lack of proper gradient and insufficient diameter size will cause higher risk of drainage pipes choke and result in air conditioner water leakages.
  •  COOLFORCE Quality:
    Brand : Uniplas and/or Singa¹ or equivalent quality.
    Norminal Size : 16mm diameter uPVC Pipe with 1/4″ thick insulation.
    Specification : Japanese Standard Class VU JIS K6741: 1999 Standard (AE).

4. Cables / Wiring :

  •  The consequences of using sub-standard or under-sized wires could result in potential electrical short circuits or even fire hazards.
  • COOLFORCE Quality:
    Brand : Keystone Cables : 100% copper cables

Note : In general, though, the best wiring that you can use for an electrical application is solid copper wire for your home or office. There are a number of different reasons why solid copper wire is the best for all-purpose wiring applications.

  • Less Breakdowns : Copper wiring stretches much better than the aluminum or galvanized wire. This makes installation easier. Copper’s flexibility means that it will not break down from repeated use and cause shortages within the wall or within electrical outlets.
  • Lesser Oxidization Issues : Copper wire is also much more resistant to surface oxidization that is a problem with aluminum electrical wiring, and as a result, copper wiring will not have oxidization issues like aluminum or other types of wiring over time.
  • Safer Overloading : Copper will not break if it is overloaded. This means a copper wiring system can safely withstand an overloading situation, making it safer for use in residential applications.

5. Stainless Steel Bracket :

  • The brackets are structural support to the Condenser.
  • Brackets are welded by qualified welder and installed by qualified installer. Defective bracket may snap off suddenly and your air conditioner hurtling several storeys down your apartments.
  • COOLFORCE Quality:
    Stainless Steel

Note : Stainless steel bracket must be used to support the air-conditioning units in one of the standard method  stipulated in the Building Control Regulations.

6. Bolts & Nuts :

  • Even when all the above materials utilized for installations conform to the required standards, the mounting brackets may still affect the installation of your air conditioner. Accessories like bolts and nuts must be made with galvanized steel and of reasonable standard to ensure total compliances with the rest of the high quality materials used above.



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Important Notices :
  • Note ¹ : Specified brands are with equivalent quality. Mixture of brand for installation to be accepted. In the event, the specified brands are out of stock / not available, equivalent quality materials will be used and deemed to be accepted.
  • All materials specification will listed in the sales quotation. Customer to check the materials list before confirmation of quotation / issue of Purchase Order.
  • Any change requested on materials specification hereafter will constitute price variation.
  • Disclaimer : The materials standard and classification are extracted from manufacturer catalogues and are subject to change without notice, and is intended as general information only and is not complete or definitive. COOLFORCE Aircon Engineering is not liable, and does not take any responsibility whatsoever, for the reliance on such information.