Installation Finishing

Trunking Finished :
  • Piping are running in PVC trunking mounted on wall. Exposed finished.
  • Easy for future repair / replacement.
  • Lower installation cost.

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Semi-Concealed Finished :
  • Piping are concealed in wall / partition.
  • For places where esthetical are essentials.
  • Hard for future repair / replacement.
  • Higher installation cost.

Semi Concealed Finish


Cable Tray Finished :
  • Piping lay on galvanised steel cable tray hanging on ceiling with suspended rod.
  • Normally applicable to industrial area with ceiling cassette units.
  • Easy for future repair / replacement.


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Important Notices :
  • All materials specification will listed in the sales quotation. Customer to check the materials list before confirmation of quotation / issue of Purchase Order.
  • Any change requested on materials specification hereafter will constitute price variation.