Pressure Test

When the air conditioning system does not provide cold air, one of the common problem is air conditioning system depletes its refrigerant gas.  Thus, Pressure Test will be recommended (*Chargeable Service).

Pressure test is carried out to find out where the gas leakage is.  The pressure test is a test procedure to identify the leakage area.  This work is not a repair services. It is the fundamental process to define the scope of repair services.

Pressure TestProcedure :

  • High pressure is induced into the condenser, fan coil and refrigerant piping to identify where is the refrigerant gas leakage point.
  • Recording the gas pressure :
    Pressure Day 1 – Date : <___> : <___> psi. [A]
    Pressure Day 2 – Date : <___> : <___> psi. [B]
    Pressure [B][A] : <___> psi. 
  • If Refrigerant leaking found; Locate point of leakage.
  •  Scenario 1 :
    • If leaking point was found at piping works is minor and/or the repair location is accessible.
    • Welding works will be perform to seal the leakage or replace short length of the affected area detected . Exclude new piping work if required replacement.
    • Warranty : 03 months workmanship warranty on the welding part.
    • Flushing, Purging & Vacuum entire system to evacuate excess air inside the system.
    • Charge-in of R22/R410 refrigerant up to its standard requirements.
    • Testing & Commissioning.
  • Scenario 2 :
    • If the refrigerant gas leaking point found at the location that is :
      • beyond repair.
      • the repair location is not accessible.
      • due to wear & tear.
      • very old system.
      • leaking point at equipment i.e. indoor or outdoor unit.
      • obsolete model.
    • Work out the economical & effective solution :
      • Replacement with New Piping Works.
      • Replacement with New Equipment only.
      • Change the whole system (New Installation).
Web-Note  NOTE : If refrigerant gas leak was found, ventilate the area immediately. Toxic gas may be produced if the refrigerant gas leaks into the room and comes into contact with source of fire, such as heater, stove or cooker.


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