Green Environment

Global rise in temperature and unpredictable weather, has become a constant re-occurrence in the world we live in today. Every little activity we do contributes to it.

We are proud to be part of the effort to keep our environment safer and greener. We’re greening our company by using resources efficiently, and supporting recycling or environmental friendly products.


 Use Environmentally Friendly Products
Using products that don’t harm the environment is one of the most simply start we can make.
We will support products that Environmentally Friendly, CFC Free and Recyclable Products.

GreenBoy Burn Less, Save More
Our customers service team will always plan and arrange for the shortest distance between each appointment and demarcate service area for our Technician teams. Our short travelling distance mean less time, which translates to less fuel burnt, and less carbon emission. And we also save on fuel!

 Energy Efficiently Effort
When proposing new air-conditioner system to customer, we will explain and highlight the Energy Efficiency of each system too.
Advise our client to carry our periodic maintenance and shared of energy saving tips when operating the air-conditioners.

GreenBoy Save Papers, Save Trees
Nine percent of all disposed paper in the world is office paper. Of this amount, 58% comes from commercial sources, making business the chief culprit in paper waste. Pulp and paper production is the third largest producer of air, water, and land pollution.
Hence, we will prefer email communication rather than hard copy printing when corresponding with our customers.
By digitizing and e-mailing our quotation, invoice or receipt helps to reduce paper waste, drastically lessen environmental impact too.

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